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The D.R.E.A.M.S. Campaign


Overview: The Frontline Project is a strong proponent of youth building on their dreams of success. Helping teens become aware of their dreams and teaching them how to reach for goals is a critical skill parents and teachers need to encourage. Our hopes and dreams shape our lives, the choices we make, and the success we achieve. Everyone has different dreams – and a different definition of success. But everyone needs a dream. Dreams and goals give life purpose, direction and meaning. They help young people build toward the future, and offer a sense of control and hope through the following programs:


  • A.R.T.S. (Advancing Raw Talents & Skills) Mentoring Program which incorporates professional lessons in sessions ranging from music and the recording industry, creative arts, photography, poetry, painting, radio and television broadcasting.


  • Heroes from the Hood, Inc., Mentoring Program for boys (ages 12-18) who are already in the juvenile justice system and courts. The program is designed to offered to a more structed approached to conflict resolution, restorative justice and antitheft for youth in the high crime areas of Tallahassee. Directed by Mr. Timothy Myers.


  • Math & Science Lab uses curriculum designed to be the heart of learning. Having effective curricula provides essential benefits, such as providing an educational course that will navigate students toward effective performance and achievement. The curriculum covers both mathematical and reading components. For math, students will understand and master skills related to basic facts (all components), mathematical and relational experiences, word problems, fractions, time and money.

  • The “I AM DREAMS” Campaign will produce and promote public service messages in the public interest with the objective of raising awareness against gun and gang violence by focusing on becoming positive productive responsible citizens now. The selected youth will become the faces and voices of this initiative for one year.

  • U.P.P.A.C. (United Parents Positive Action Council) offers support services for people of domestic violence, individual and family counseling, advocating for youth in the school system, navigating through the legal system; and addressing mental health and substance abuse.

  • The Destiny Project is a program for girls of all cultures and backgrounds.  This club is for preteen and teen aged girls.  Our main objective is for the members of this organization to learn to love themselves, to learn to love each other as sisters, to learn to stand for what is right, and to develop leadership skills and to develop self-esteem. Directed by Ms. Travia Cromartie.

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